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Sports Photography

We have experience in sports photography across the midwest meeting the needs of some of the largest youth sports organizations, as well as our local teams and smaller leagues. We specialize in team and individual photos as well as action sports photography and our signature service, Elite Athlete Photoshoots. We believe in the value of sports programs to develop the body, mind, and character of athletes, and so we partner with every team, league, or organization to provide great service and products as well as various fundraising options. We are here to meet your needs for sports photography in the St. Louis area. For full information on our sports photography services, please click here.

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Studio Altius is a full service photography studio focused on the artistic and communicative power of photography. We provide creative, well-executed professional photography services for commercial and portrait clients. Additionally, we are a valued resource to professional and amateur photographers in the St. Louis area. Our beautiful 3,000 square foot studio is also available for private events.